Gunk Animation Video

Poonam Dagli created this video after Jordan died. She explains her inspiration and thought process below:

Inspired by... "I want to write a children's book about depression. There will be brain sweeping elves involved. There will be golden rings of light. There will be mind horses - little ones. And there will be black gook. It is a sticky, stagnant gook A gook that is not easily de-gooked."

"Senior year of college, I took an animation class. I've always loved to make art and create stories, but I barely let myself explore this part of me in college because I was trying very hard to do "what I was supposed to do". When Jordan died in March of 2012, my entire world was flipped upside down and I was flipped inside out. For the animation class, we had to choose a final project, and one day, the story just flowed right through my broken heart and onto paper. Jordan said she wanted to write a children's book about depression, and I clung on to that idea, wanting to write it for her. Many of the themes in Gunk are from a journal post Jo had written, and I like to think that she and I collaborated and wrote Gunk together. My hope for those watching is hope. I truly believe that love always wins. It was the love pouring in from family and friends that helped me remember how to love myself again. I also hope that those watching remember or are introduced to the infinite beauty that is Jordan's spirit."

Posted on December 9, 2014 .