A Legacy of Hope

Ellen and Tom Harris were featured in the December issues of 360 West Magazine. In the interview, they talk about Jordan's progression into mental illness. Tom says, "The fact that the brain gets screwed up and becomes ill deserves a lot more attention. When you think that there are no tools to measure the brain's chemistry; it's absurd." Ellen thinks, "People need to keep talking about this until the conversation is really out there, everywhere, and no longer kept quiet. We know we need to continue to push - and get others to push - the conversation." The foundation's first event, which focused on mental health research and bringing the conversation to light, has been met with considerable community support and gratitude. Brenda Rios, development director for the Mental Health Association of Tarrant County, found the first event refreshingly positive. She says, "Lots of people are talking about how encouraging it is to see the foundation work toward such positive goals as changing views on depression and preventing suicide. I don't know if Tom and Ellen understand how much they are touching the lives of people around them."

Check out the full, beautiful interview, "A Legacy of Hope."

Posted on January 9, 2015 .