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You're in school, and you feel overwhelmed. You're not alone. But remembering these 5 things can help you cope.

1. Know that education is a privilege.

Appreciate how many wonderful mentors, books, and peers you have access to. Not everyone has that access. Use it.

2. Don't scratch that ridiculous perfectionism itch. 

Nothing is perfect. Here are some things to think about:

  • If perfection is a state in which nothing can be improved upon, then any moment is perfect in the sense that it has already happened and is too late to improve upon
  • “There are none so tense as those who try to be outwardly perfect. There is great release in acknowledging your foibles and laughing at your mistakes." - Ervin Seale
  • "Courage is to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart, and having the courage to be imperfect."

3. Resist the bait of imposter syndrome.

This is the feeling of "I don't belong", or "someone is going to find out I'm not as good as they think." The doubts are more pervasive the higher up we go. Recognize that we're all scared and it takes time, hard work, and most of all self acceptance and kindness to gain confidence. 

4. Become a time management ninja. 

Read Getting Things Done by David Allen. 

5. Remember you're not alone.

It might feel like it, but you are not alone in this. Check out Active Minds to change the conversation around stress and mental health in the education system.

Posted on October 31, 2015 .