Startups talking about Depression

Erik Torenberg, who was one of Jordan's good friends, is using his role on the founding team of Product Hunt as a platform to encourage us to share what's going on in our minds.

People close to me have struggled with depression, and I’ve seen how it can plague — and end — the most promising of lives. While I’ve been fortunate not to suffer in that way, I’ve struggled with various forms of burnout. It wasn’t until I learned that people I admired also struggled with these feelings that I learned to be okay with it. Sharing and listening to my peers helped. Everyone sees the accomplishments but they don’t see the hardships. Having a community to share the lows with can keep you sane and even save your life.
— Erik Torenberg

Product Hunt is partnering with 7 Cups of Tea for the Startup Support System. There, people involved in startups can reach out, at any time, for support from someone who's been there before.

I am so confident that this platform, along with other fantastic recent initiatives, will destigmatize mental health and catalyze healthy and cathartic conversations worldwide.

Posted on February 28, 2015 .