Music as Medicine: The Sync Project

A new research initiative called the Sync Project hopes to use the power of music to improve health.

Research has shown that music has a profound effect on the brain, triggering neural networks related to movement, cognition, learning, memory and emotion.  We know it can help with things like pain, fatigue, anxiety and sleeplessness.

While still in alpha testing, The Sync Project hopes to release an app that will measure listeners' heart rates as they transition from song to song.

"The Sync Project aims to track how the brain and body respond to music through an app that collects biological data while your favorite jams stream on loop. So when a person plugs in their headphones and heads to work, their activity tracker on their wrist will be able to see how their heart rate changes when Swift’s “Shake It Off” transitions to One Directions’ 'Steal My Girl'."

There have been multiple studies regarding music therapy and depression, and I believe The Sync Project has the potential to be a great tool for those living with depression.

Posted on March 12, 2015 .