Sheryl Sandberg Writes Beautifully about Grief

A dear friend and college housemate with Jordan and me emailed today. She writes, "I wanted to share Sheryl Sandberg's Facebook post about losing her husband. Her comments on loss and grief and also moving forward and family etc are really poignant and impactful, and it might be nice to share on Jordan's blog."

I agree. Sheryl's honesty, vulnerability, and magic with words paint a powerful picture of loss. My favorite part is the practical one - how to build resilience. It's especially important for survivors of suicide to remember. She says:

I have learned that resilience can be learned. Adam M. Grant taught me that three things are critical to resilience and that I can work on all three. Personalization—realizing it is not my fault. He told me to ban the word “sorry.” To tell myself over and over, This is not my fault. Permanence—remembering that I won’t feel like this forever. This will get better. Pervasiveness—this does not have to affect every area of my life; the ability to compartmentalize is healthy.

Here's to resilience in all aspects of life.

Posted on June 3, 2015 .