What psychedelic mushrooms have in common with antidepressants

Psilocybin May Be Safe, Effective For Treatment-Resistant Severe Depression, Small Study Suggests.

Reuters reports that psilocybin found in psychedelic mushrooms may be safe and effective for alleviating treatment-resistant severe depression, the findings of a small study published online May 17 in The Lancet Psychiatry suggest. All 12 patients in the study who took psilocybin in capsule form demonstrated a decrease in depressive symptoms for at least 21 days.

        The New York Daily News reports, “Three months after, seven (58%) were still better, although five did show some degree of relapse.” The study’s senior author explained that psilocybin “targets the serotonin receptors in the brain, just as most antidepressants do, but it has a very different chemical structure to currently available antidepressants, and acts faster than traditional antidepressants.”

        Also covering the story are the Huffington Post, the New York MagazineTIME, and The Scientist.

Of note, the Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation does not endorse the use of recreational psychodelic mushrooms.

Credit to the American Psychiatric Association's email updates

Author: Stephanie Garbarino


Posted on May 19, 2016 .