Eric Kramer and second chances

I recently read the Eric Kramer article that appeared in USA Today. The article highlights the signs and the depth of pain that an individual must have to endure when contemplating suicide.  Mr. Kramer was a tremendous athlete, played football in college and the National Football League. Less than one percent of the population will ever achieve this acclaim, yet self-doubt, depression, years of hiding and masking the anguish all follow the same story line.  

Eric Kramer survived this attempt and I believe he will be a great spokesman for individuals who suffer from depression and realize they are not alone.   It is truly a miracle that he survived but I can’t help think about the individuals that don’t get that second chance, that is why we need stories like this to give some hope, to spread the word, to reach these individuals even if it is just one person. 

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Author: Jim Kearney

Posted on May 31, 2016 .