Thoughts about Jordan from her Dad

The second post in a series of blogs commemorating the 5 year anniversary of Jordan's death.

On this 5th anniversary of Jordan Elizabeth’s passing I find myself wondering where the time has gone since that very sad day when she left us. In my mind it seems like it was yesterday when our collective hearts were broken and we found ourselves searching for answers as to why something bad like this could happen…. Particularly to such a wonderful, loving and caring human being. Needless to say there are countless questions beyond that which will never be answered, at least not in this life. Our lives on this earth speed by as we get older for some reason, perhaps we tend to load up on way too many issues that clog our minds with information overload. Perhaps this condition of losing track of time gets in the way of us really slowing down and thinking about what’s important.
I think of Jordan daily when I wake up, when I’m in the kitchen each morning and I see her picture on the counter, when I get to work and see that same picture on my credenza, when I’m on my bike, when I’m working on JEH Foundation activities, when I’m having dinner, when I see University of Michigan sports teams on TV, when I drive by Richland High School, when I’m with her friends, when I jump in bed at night….. I think of my special girl a lot. Sometimes I think I’m being selfish because those thoughts detract from others in my life who deserve that same attention. To all of those who I care so much about, forgive me if I ever allowed that to happen too much.
The hole in my gut is still there, but thankfully has grown smaller over time. The sadness has turned mostly into joy as I think of Jordan times that include…
Jordan laughing so hard at the dinner table with her family that milk sprayed out of her nose after she took a gulp, her participating with me at the Falmouth Sprint Triathlon (she beat me of course, but I fixed her flat tire), her riding piggy back as a baby as I was on my all fours, her beautiful black curly hair as a toddler,  her HS valedictorian speech, playing basketball as Captain of the HS team, her crazy times as a Johnny Reb spirit squad member, her throwing the shot put in a HS track meet (she was hysterically terrible), her snowboarding down the hill with all of us in Tahoe and so many more great memories.
In the end, Jordan brought joy, comfort and laughter to more people in her 22 years on earth than most folks do in a lifetime and for that I am thankful. She was truly a blessing to many….. I still love her from here to the moon and back a trillion times….and I will forever.
- Tom Harris

Posted on March 28, 2017 .