Jordan Made Everything Better

To commemorate Jordan's life 5 years after her death, we have been posting a series of blogs every day for the past few days. This 11th piece was written by Adam, Jordan's uncle. 

Every Thanksgiving we organize activities (like sudoku sprints and the cousins catastrophe circus), and if there is no snow, touch football. Jordan was always a key organizational force and leader of activities.

I remember one Thanksgiving when the Cirincione's were in Boston celebrating at cousin Vinny's, so we invited them to Krasnow field in Newton, for an epic battle.  Jordan kicked us into gear with headbands, armbands and a fight song, and we lined up, chanting along the driveway like warriors as our cousins rolled in. It was awesome.

A simple example but my point is this - Jordan made everything better.

- Adam Grossman

Posted on April 4, 2017 .